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Fun phrases.

So at the bar this afternoon my friend says

Can I borrow the check I will give it right back with money.


OUAT Rewatch | ► 2x10 The Cricket Game

"What are you guys still doing in bed? It’s the middle of the afternoon."






Cas is just like “I don’t fucking know man I’ve only been here for like two years give me a fucking break I’m about to die for your ass appreciate it.”

Always reblog the Assbutt

the fact that this is the literally apocalypse ground zero go time and they stop to have this conversation 

bobby’s face is like why are #we talking about this we are literally all about to die

I love this post more than I love my parents

I’m ok with that



"You’re not supposed to eat Americone Dream after sex. You’re supposed to eat it during sex. That’s what the waffle cone pieces are for, they’re ribbed for your pleasure.” -Stephen Colbert


why are we letting this man guard our galaxy

because he’s one of the morons that lives here.

literally same



when you write a sentence and it rhymes


why does the picture make perfect sense



stanshawk and stormxpadme are back from comic con and the only thing going through my mind is this




But we miss you over here in the States I can’t wait to see you both I hope in December! 

Did you hear Hawkeye speak in the AoU trailer?




Did we hear him SPEAK!?


He practically OPENED the trailer with so much sarcasm and asshole-y-ness that I practically died 5 seconds in. He sits on the couch next to Hill, twirls and arrow around and, after Thor puts his hammer on the living room table all casual like, makes a comment about the circus which then leads to everyone trying to lift the hammer. And he is just … he is in practically most of the shots for the trailer, he is in it MORE than Iron Man, just sayin, and … unf, Clint will be so perf in this film, I already know he will be x.x

Day. Is. Made.

Thank you.

Honestly, Alpha, from what we’ve seen this will be Clint’s moment to shine x.x He is all relaxed and stupid and drunk during the Hammer-scene then, when seconds later Ultron attacks, he is alert and in total agent mode, sort of covering a suitless-Tony if I remember correctly. Later on, we see him perching in the belltower of a snow-y town in full battle mode and just … HE PERCHES EVERYWHERE!